Sunday, July 7, 2013

Prize Gallery

In what will probably be the last entry, ever, on this blog I'd like to share a gallery of collector's images - merchandise, official promotional materials and miscellany not yet shown on this blog. A lot of these images are of official and unofficial masks, and you have to love how The Monster's artistic existence has gone from a mutant in a mask to a mask himself.

The first batch of images comes donated directly by a reader, Cory Hatfield, for whom The Funhouse is his favorite film and who took the time to take pictures of his impressive collection! Much thanks.

I quite like the modernized Blu-ray cover on top right, except for the apparently British release company's tagline, "STEP INTO THE CULT ARENA!"

"Beware! The Funhouse is not what it seems" is a pretty good tagline that didn't get used often.

Autographed hardcover UK edition of the loose adaptation novel by Dean Koontz. The hardcover sleeve illustration of the funhouse exterior doesn't much resemble the film except for the veranda.

Striking, although poorly compressed image on this Czech poster.

These are two separate issues of Fangoria, The Monster pin-up came out a couple years later in a 1983 issue.

A refrigerator, or "Fridge" magnet. 

Some limited and numbered German DVD boxes which look to mistakenly credit the writing to Dean Koontz.

Nathan Thomas Millner's Scream Factory release art signed by Millner himself, plus Miles Chapin and Kevin Conway who respectively write "I just had the greatest idea..." and "Who will dare to face the challenge of the funhouse?" :)

The actual CDs of John Beal's score were produced in limited quantity, so this is cool find - and it's signed by Beal himself.

Some of these production stills I haven't seen before, like the one of Herb Robbins and Joey.

The last item of his collection is a cool original drawing by Millner. Great stuff!

Moving on, The Monster has inspired a lot of reproduction from the mask making community amongst horror fans in recent years, and even one official mask at the time of the films' release:

It looks like the Collegeville Costumes box design hadn't changed since the 60s. Here's the more modern variants:

Unofficial mask sculpted in the late 80s by John Caplin. From the mask collection of Rick Difeo.

Bust by Jeremy Bohr, proprietor of "one stop monster shop" Featured Creatures.

Impressively detailed, officially licensed mask from Trick or Treat studios - available for purchase! Just ignore that whoever wrote the product description calls him "Gunther"...the specter of Dean Koontz's alternate story haunts us all.

Last in the costume department is the following full body regalia - including the Frankenstein mask! - from horror mask / model making sculptor Monte Ward, whom you can visit here.

You might have noticed amongst all this nightmare fuel that The Monster is holding a little monster doll and yes, that's available for purchase on his site too:

Which brings us to the last item in this little parting showcase, an official model resin kit. I can't locate the name of the company who made this, but it was probably released sometime before the mid-90s as I actually encountered it in a comic book store and remember being shocked to find official Funhouse claptrap.

With that, I hope you've enjoyed this tour of The Funhouse prizes to be won!