Monday, June 28, 2010

Theatrical Trailer & Rare TV Spots

"Something is alive in the funhouse. Something not alive, like it's father. Something better dead. Something that feeds on the flesh and blood of young innocents...Something that tonight, will turn the funhouse into a carnival of terror."

The TV spot contains footage entirely exclusive from the film. Why? Did Tobe Hooper himself film it? Note that the "funhouse" which Elizabeth Berridge and Cooper Huckabee enter is the more traditional walk-through funhouse as compared to the "darkride" of the film with tracks and mobile cars. That Santa rising from a coffin (?) is definitely a man, not a mannequin, and the mannequins that are featured in this spot are never seen in the actual film. As Julius Banzon of The Tobe Hooper Appreciation Society says, it's kind of adorable.

Here is a TV spot which aired in March of '81, essentially a shorter version of the theatrical trailer:

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