Wednesday, May 9, 2012's New Funhouse Shirt

For those who need to advertise their dysfunction to strangers, the fine folks at have a new t-shirt based on The Funhouse:

Pretty cool, I must say - although this fake poster concept might've worked better as an actual poster than a t-shirt design. The text reads as total fandom: all the slogans are straight from Kevin Conway's Barker, down to the "Terrifying!!! Terrifying!!!" that flanks the title. Clever. My only complaint is that The Monster would never use a knife to attack someone - but the illustration is an excellent rendering of him and I appreciate they worked the Frankenstein mask into the layout.

Tip o' the hat to loyal reader Filip ├ľnell. Go buy it and spread the good word of our favorite under-appreciated Tobe Hooper classic.

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